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Career Avenues seeks to develop meaningful relationships with our partner schools to help strengthen their Career Development programs and outcomes.

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Key Components

A Career Development Program for each school is developed separately, considering individual needs and requirements.

Career Avenues engagement usually occurs prior to Year 10 subject selection, and includes a facilitated 2.5 to 3 hour profiling session and Careers Profile Report.

Follow-up interviews are usually 30 minutes, and may be conducted by Career Avenues counsellors, the school Careers Advisor, or via a group feedback session. Career Avenues also provides access to our structured Action Plan process.

Profile Report

Careers Profile Report




Resources and Action Plan

Careers Profile Report

Report Cover

Your Careers Profile Report has five sections. Using insights from your online profiling session, it explores:

Your Personal Style or how you relate, notice, decide and act. Exploring your natural tendencies helps direct your career exploration and consider environments in which you best thrive.

Your Career Interests or patterns from your perception of different occupations. This is useful to direct your career exploration to the areas which most connect with you.

Your Problem Solving Skills across six different styles of reasoning. Different types of reasoning skills help unlock different opportunities.

Your Transferable Skills which represent core skills employers value across a range of jobs and industries.

Possibilities - putting it all together, we develop an initial list of opportunities you might want to explore further.


In an optional 30 minute interview, our counsellors will take students through their report. They will then help explore the career ideas given in the report, and to formulate an action plan.

Students in Years 9 and 10 will benefit from considering alternative options and suitable subject choices for Years 11 and 12.


Resources and Action Plan

Action Plan

Our Action Plan process is designed to help students develop their own conclusions and take change of the next stage of their career decision making.

We do this through first guiding students to embrace those qualities which make them unique. We then explore opportunities, both from and in addition to those in their Careers Profile Report. Finally, we help students launch their career decision making through providing a structured process and connecting them with the best external resources to take the next step.

A Partnership

Our aim is to make the program as easy as possible to administer, while ensuring connection and ownership through the school Careers Contact.

A variety of dashboards make key information on student progress, interview scheduling and action plans at your fingertips, enabling more effective student follow-up and support.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the answers you might be looking for.

Who are Career Avenues' partner schools?
We partner with many of Australia's top private schools - from Knox Grammar, Pymble Ladies' College and International Grammar School in Sydney, to St Kevin's College and Ruyton Girls School in Melbourne, to Stuartholme School and St Peters Lutheran College Springfield in Brisbane. Career Avenues currently has over 40 school partnerships. For a full list, please contact us at
How does an Individual Profile work?
Profiling Session
Our process starts with a profiling session which we use to consider your personal style, problem solving strengths, transferable skills and career preferences. The profiling session usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours to complete online.

Careers Profile Report
We then develop your Careers Profile Report, which provides a framework to start your own journey of discovery, integrating those insights from the profile which resonate and determining their importance in your career planning. You can view an example here.

One of our professional career counsellors will then review your Report in detail and help you consider next steps during a one-hour interview via video conference.

Action Plan
To get started on your career planning, we then guide you through an Action Plan process on our web-based portal. We use the insights you have gained from your Careers Profile Report, and help to link you with resources, tasks and processes to help structure your career decision making and leave you with an actionable plan.

Note that services provided within a school environment may be adapted to integrate with the school's Career Education and Development programs and objectives.
Can parents attend an interview?
Yes they can - both within a school and individual setting. Interviews are run via video conference, so parents are able to join remotely from wherever they are at the time. Parents are encouraged to observe, take notes and allow the student to be the primary focus.
How is this different to other careers reports?
Our report is not simply computer generated. Each report is individually reviewed by a careers professional to ensure personality style, reasoning strengths, interests, individual context and career possibilities are cohesive.

Unlike other programs, ours has been designed and developed over many years for the Australian education system and is supported by local counsellors knowedgeable in modern career pathways.

Within a school environment, we work closely to ensure the program aligns with the needs of the school, is integrated with broader Career Education and Development activities, is supported by contemporary theory and clearly maps to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development framework.