Working With You to Find Your Career Avenues

We are experienced career counsellors and psychologists who inspire and support individuals to embrace their uniqueness, explore future career options and launch their best career avenues through comprehensive personalised profiling and career interviews.


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What We Do

Embrace. Explore. Launch.

We offer a unique, personalised profile and one-on-one or group feedback sessions in schools, individual interviews, holiday programs, and educator accreditation. We have been working with young and older Australians for over 20 years in NSW, Qld and Victoria. Our focus is on providing guidance and inspiration using the latest in instruments and counselling to excite, ignite and empower people at all stages of life to make informed decisions when considering career transitions.


Empowering Students

We partner with over 40 schools across the Eastern States of Australia to provide cost-effective, personalised and student-centred career support in Years 9 - 12.  We conduct school-based profiling and online assessments, provide a comprehensive Career Avenues Profile, one-on-one debriefs with students and parents or group feedback sessions, and a workbook for ongoing exploration, research and decision making.


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Considering current and future career options

For individuals who are considering career options post school, tertiary students considering their first job options and anyone seeking a career change or re-entering the workforce, we can help.  You can complete a Career Avenues Profile online prior to your counselling session.  We can help you with just one session or several sessions as you take steps to change.


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Helping to inspire others

If you are a career advisor in a school or in private practice and you would like to use the Career Avenues Profile, we offer professional Career Avenues Accreditation Training.


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Information for Parents

We understand the challenges of guiding young people as they make decisions about their future.  The amount of choice and information overload can be overwhelming as students begin to focus on what they can consider when transitioning from school and beyond.

We know that it’s important to encourage young people to take their time, own their decision and make confident, well-informed choices based on relevant knowledge to maximise potential and happiness.

We believe this is best achieved through facilitating self-awareness, promoting a positive mindset and providing practical tools and steps for career exploration for the immediate future and throughout their lives.  Our profiles help students to take a pro-active role in determining their career future.


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From Parents

-Thanks you so much for today.  It was brilliant and we all got so much from your knowledge. 

-I thought it was a good thing to do for the students to give them some direction. Although they are still young they definitely need to start thinking about their future. Many will do a lot of maturing between now and the HSC and they will change over the next few years. At least there is a starting point. I thought the “Your Personal Style” section described my son very accurately and it might encourage him to take things on rather than leaving things to the last minute. Overall, I would recommend this testing for all students.

-The career profile and interview was very informative. It provided information I wasn’t aware of.  The counsellor was very patient and was very easy to talk to. This was very beneficial for not only my daughter, but my other children who will be doing their HSC in the future.

From Students:

-I thoroughly recommend other students to consider having a career profile as it was so helpful and informative and has inspired me to seek career options. The interviewer was extremely helpful in providing information about different career options. The career process was straight forward and has provided me with an insight into looking into the new career options I have discovered.

-This was a very good and inspiring experience. I gained more knowledge about myself and now have a clear idea on what I want to do.

-I found the career profiling session very good as I didn’t have any idea what I was going to do before the session and now I have a very clear sighting on my options. I would strongly recommend this session for others even if they have some idea of what they want to do, it just gives you more ideas.

-It was good. It definitely opened my mind up and got me thinking about more jobs and careers that I have already love and secretly wanted to do but never thought I could.