Career Avenues Profile for Schools

Our schools profiles are individually prepared and checked and are not computer generated.

Our aim is to stimulate career exploration for Year 9 and 10 students prior to subject selection for Years 11 and 12.

Our schools program is offered for:

  • Year 9 in Terms 3 & 4  and 
  • Year 10 Terms 1 & 2

with feedback delivered prior to subject selection.

Our Profile includes the following tests and questionnaires:

  1. Career Avenues Differential Reasoning Profile
    • Abstract Reasoning
    • Verbal Reasoning
    • Numerical Reasoning
    • Attention to Detail
    • Physical Reasoning
    • Spatial Reasoning

  2. Career Avenues Career Interest Profile
    This is an interest profile based on Australian career opportunities in 10 different general vocational groupings.

  3. Career Avenues Type for Teenagers (CATT)
    Our personality profile gives an in-depth description of students’ style and indicates the kind of work environment and work focus that are likely to suit them.  This is based on the Jungian personality preferences.

  4. Career Avenues Transferable Skills Self-Assessment
    Transferable skills are a core set of skills and abilities which can be applied to a wide range of different jobs and industries. They are becoming increasingly important to the job market.

  5. Career Ideas
    Students are given around 45 career ideas in their top 3 interest areas. These ideas are generally consistent with all of the elements in the student’s profile.  Students are encouraged to select and research careers from these lists. 
    This integration of ideas is unique to our profiles.

  6. WorkBook  – Your Career Action Plan
    Profiles come with a workbook to guide students as they research the career ideas provided in their profiles.

  7. This is supported by the Career Snapshots on our website which gives them a brief description of each career along with a video.  Our Career Tools website follows with more detailed course and career information to aide their research

Our Instruments

Our tests have been statistically normed for Australian students.  They are current, comprehensively researched with over 79,000 Australian students in our database.  They are especially designed for career profiling.  They are also colourful and appealing to students.

Our Profile Report

The Career Avenues Profile is a colourful, easy to read booklet of  17 Pages which presents the information clearly in an easy to read format.

Feedback Options for Schools

Four alternative feedback options are available:

  1. Feedback by school career adviser (preferably following Accreditation Training)
  2. A 1 hour group presentation by Career Avenues
  3. A 2 hour workshop with students by Career Avenues
  4. Individual 30 minute interview with a Career Avenues counsellor for schools in Eastern state capitals

Minimum 40 students   

Profiling Session Options

1. In most schools we supervise a group paper and pencil administration in a 4 hour morning session with a break.   Students who miss this session may complete online.

2. Online group test sessions are also an option for schools with good broadband connections.  Remote support is given during the test session by a CA test administrator. This can be done over several lessons.  There are 10 different tasks to complete, each of which takes between 6—15 minutes. 

Log Book

Each student receives the Career Avenues Log Book with their Career Profile.  The Log Book is a 12 page full colour document which guides students through the research process.

The Career Avenues website provides a look-up glossary of each career in their lists as well as detailed course and career information through their Career Tools sites.

Accreditation Training

Careers Advisers who are considering integrating Career Avenues Profiles into their activities are encouraged to complete our 1 day training.  Feedback Powerpoint presentations also supplied for school use.  Session details are available here.

2019 cost per student

* Initial year and 3 Year contract price 2019-2021
** for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Contact Career Avenues for more information