Career Avenues Profiles for Individuals

Career Avenues offers private career profiles to anyone who is evaluating their career directions.  For the last 25 years, we have offered a comprehensive, individually prepared Career Profile which provides a sound basis for career exploration and decision making.  The Profile also offers ideas for career options and in your counselling session, we can help you explore course options which help you move in the right direction.

The process involves three stages: 

  1. You register on our site and enrol to complete your profile
  2. we prepare your profile and organise your counselling session
  3. you receive your profile and have your counselling session.  Follow up counselling is available.

Career Profile Exercises Online

Once you enrol online to complete your profile, you will be taken to the main menu page with these exercises to complete.  Each one takes about 15 – 20 minutes, and we like you to complete all of the 10 exercises within 2-3 weeks of enrolment, if possible, so that we can complete your profile and organise your counselling interview.

Our Career Avenues Profile takes you through the following exercises to explore your strengths and preferences.

Registration Form

 This questionnaire asks about your situation at this point in time.  We ask about your ideas, interests, educational background and work experience.

6 Differential Reasoning Skills (15 minute test timed by the computer):

Abstract Reasoning

The abstract or non-verbal reasoning test is based on patterns.  You are asked which of the options given is the next logical pattern in the series of patterns.    This is a test which reflects:

  • capacity to be adaptable in your thinking
  • flexibility in how you approach problems and
  • capacity to handle conceptual or theoretical as distinct from practical or applied thinking tasks.

Career Relevance

Abstract Reasoning is related to any career involving complex problem solving.

Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal Reasoning test was based on logic and language.  It measures:

  • understanding of the complexities of the language
  • ability to think analytically in words, and
  • clarity of thinking using words and word-based arguments

Career Relevance

Verbal skills are very important as a basis for university studies, especially in areas requiring a lot of reading and verbal analysis such as law and journalism. 

Numerical Reasoning

This is a test which measures the ability to reason and solve problems with numbers.  It shows:

  • how well one can undertake reasonably complex computational and statistical tasks
  • ability to think it terms of number patterns and
  • to solve numerically based problems.

Career Relevance

Strong scores on this test would be important for careers requiring complex mathematical calculation such as engineering and statistics.

Attention to Detail

This is a number and name checking test.  The Attention to Detail test assesses the:

  • ability to attend to fine detail
  • accuracy of processing rather than complexity of processing and
  • speed of comprehension.

Career Relevance

Attention to Detail is very important for many business and administrative jobs, as well as a range of careers in scientific and other technical areas.

Physical Reasoning

This test is designed to assess how well people understand the physical world.  It uses picture based questions which ask about the physical and mechanical processes we are exposed to every day, such as the influence of gravity, leverage and fluid flow.  It measures:

  • potential for solving problems based on physical forces and processes and
  • assesses understanding and knowledge of mechanical operations.

Career Relevance

Sound skills in this area is important for many practical and technical occupations such as:

  • engineering, technical and trades careers
  • other physics-related careers
  • some sports and health related areas

Spatial Reasoning

In the Spatial Reasoning test, clients are asked to mentally fold up some 2D shapes to imagine what they would look like, folded into a 3D object.  In other items they have to choose which shape a figure would unfold into.  These items assess the potential to:

  • visualise and mentally manipulate objects in three dimensions
  • imagine how an object would look if made from a given pattern or plan
  • manipulate objects and plans mentally

Career Relevance Spatial Reasoning is an ability needed in design and construction fields such as architecture, carpentry, building and fashion.   It is needed whenever there is a need to visualise objects in three dimensions, or develop or read from a plan or working diagram which represents something in three dimensions. 

Career Avenues Career Interest Profile

Clients complete an interest profile based on real career opportunities.  They organize their preferences for over 70 careers/ job descriptions and this is used to obtain an interest profile.   The top 3 interest areas are used as a guide to give clients career ideas to research.

Career Avenues Type (CAT) Personality  Profile

A well-researched approach to individual differences based on Jungian psychology gives an in-depth description of the client’s personality preferences and also indicates the kind of work environment and work focus that is most likely to suit them.  Personality is very important in selecting a satisfying and rewarding career.

Career Avenues Work Values

Work Values tell you a lot about what motivates you to work. What do you want to get out of working?  What will make work a satisfying experience for you.

Preparing your Report & Booking an Interview

As soon as you get your completion certificate, we will receive an email and download your results to write your report.  We will also get in touch with you to organise your interview.  Face-to-face sessions are offered in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  Skype, facetime or voice calls are offered for other areas.

Your profile report is around 17 pages and gives you illustrated details of your profile in each of the exercise areas.  It will also give you around 45 career ideas in your preferred interest areas.  We select these ideas to be generally compatible with all of the elements in the your profile.  This is unique to our profiles.  Clients are encouraged to consider and research careers from these lists, as well as their own ideas.  Career Avenues Profile reports come as a hard copy colour booklet and also as a PDF file.

Clients are booked for a one hour individual counselling session with one of our experienced counsellors.  You will receive your report via email prior to this session, and get a hard copy in the session.   If you are a student, parents are also welcome to attend this session.

Counselling Session

In the one-hour interview, our counsellors will take you through your report and help you understand each of the sections.  We will then help you explore the career ideas given in the report, and to formulate an action plan.

Students in Years 9 and 10 will benefit from considering alternative options and suitable subject choices for Years 11 and 12.  Students in Years 11 and 12 will normally be able to focus more on possible courses for each of other areas in which they are interested.  Adults will be usually be focussing identifying options and formulating an action plan.

Further research is supported by our online Glossary and Career Tools website, as well as our Log Book to guide career exploration.


The cost is $450 for the Career Avenues Profile Report and counselling session. If you are interested, call Marian on 1300 764 641 any day between 8am and 6pm for further information.