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About Career Avenues

Career Avenues has been partnering with schools for over 25 years and supported over 46,000 Australians at all stages of their career journeys.

Career Avenues began when through working as a Student Counsellor at various Australian universities, our Principal discovered the high first year student dropout rate, largely because students had made an uninformed course and career decisions. 

Our goal is to help every student evaluate all of their options fully so that study leads them to a successful and satisfying working life.


Professional – Passionate – Positive

Meet our team

Our highly dedicated counsellors and psychologists love working with individuals young and more mature to inspire their imagination and provide practical tools and tips to navigate the career exploration process.

We are open, positive and always client-focused with extensive experience with diversity, cultural considerations, with different learning styles and with the challenges people face when making choices.   We are also familiar with the issues that more mature individual may encounter as they contemplate their current and future career options.



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We currently partner with schools in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Click the button above to our list.